About me

I am a 19 year old Norwegian figure skater. I’ve grown up in Norway, but as a 16 year old I moved away from home to live in Germany. I took that decision because I wanted to live somewhere I could practice skating as much as I wanted.

Now three years later I have decided to move back home. I learnt so much from being away, but honestly though.. nothing is like home.

I became really interested in food when I moved to Germany. As a kid I never made anything in the kitchen because I was lucky enough to have parents who always made sure that my siblings and I had food that let us be as active as we wanted. When I first came to Germany I felt the freedom of eating whatever I wanted without my parents or anyone else being able to tell me what I ate was wrong.. But we all know that the best way to learn is from our own mistakes, and that’s what I did. I realized I never truly felt good after eating meals that made me feel full without filling me up.

So it all began with me cooking oatmeal for breakfast, scrambled eggs for lunch and chicken filet’s for dinner almost everyday. I started looking around for new recipes and new things to try because I was determined to become the best cook I could be. So I stumbled upon a lot of “vegan” bloggers and youtubers that where very interesting. So I began using plant-based milks instead of cows milk, and tried to use more fresh vegetables in my diet. But even though I thought the whole plant-based diet was cool and I had an open mind to it, I was never gonna change. Or at least that’s what I thought.

The summer of 2016 I went “pescetarian” which means I didn’t eat meat, but I eat fish, and used all other animal products. I can’t really say that it changed my life. I  felt “normal”, but nothing made me feel so much better that I managed to stick to it. So I ended up going back to eating “normal”.

A whole year went by with me thinking I was “healthy”, but I still watched videos of people talking about their vegan stories and how they did it. I also became really good friends with a girl that is totally vegan and had been for a while, so I kind of came to the conclusion that a plant-based diet was my future, but not for now.

Totally random my best friend texted me that he had just watched a documentary on Netflix called “what the health” and that I should really watch it. I did watch it and my mind was blown!

I decided right then and there that I wasn’t ever gonna knowingly gonna eat any animal products ever again.

I have kept that promise to myself and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I feel soooo much better than I did before, I can basically eat however much I want without worrying about my weight and I haven’t gotten sick once, since I made the change.


And this is why I’m here blogging about my journey. I don’t wanna tell you that what you do is wrong and what I do is wright. But I wanna share my experience so we can all learn together. I know I have a lot more to read and learn about, but I want everyone to know that how I eat doesn’t have to be very difficult, or expensive or take up too much time.